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    Lost in American English
    [ · Скачать удаленно () ] 15.09.2014, 20:54
    Цели урока:
    1. Расширение кругозора учащихся и повышение общей культуры.
    2. Знакомство с английским языком как средством общения.
    1. Развитие умения анализировать, сопоставлять, делать обобщения.
    1. Поддержание интереса к учению и формирование познавательной активности.
    2. Формирование у учащихся интереса к культуре и народу страны изучаемого языка.
    3. Воспитание культуры общения.
    Практические задачи:
    1. Повторить пройденный на I-II курсах лексический материал по темам «Характер человека», «Жильё», «Город», «Покупки», «Еда».
    2. Учить узнавать новые слова и догадываться об их значении.
    3. Учить употреблять новые слова и выражения в речи на уровне фразы.
    4. Закрепить полученные знания в практической работе.

    Методика: коммуникативная
    Необходимое оборудование: дидактический материал
    электронное приложение
    мультимедийная установка
    Ход урока
    I. Организационный момент
    Good morning, students. Today we have an unusual lesson. We have lots of guests. Greet them.
    We have studied Great Britain and are going to study the United States of America. You now American English is somewhat different from British English: spelling, words, pronunciation, grammar and so on. And you might have difficulties mixing with Americans. Sometimes British people cannot understand what Americans say. So, before you go to the United States, before you make lots of American friends learn the essentials you may need to know when you get there.
    Итак, цели урока:
    1. Повторить пройденный на I-II курсах лексический материал по темам «Характер человека», «Жильё», «Город», «Покупки», «Еда».
    2. Научиться узнавать новые слова и догадываться об их значении.
    3. Научиться употреблять новые слова и выражения в речи.
    4. Закрепить полученные знания в практической работе.

    II. Фонетическая зарядка
    First, let us remember some differences. What do we call these things in America?
    BrE AmE
    biscuits cookies
    lemonade soda
    chips French fries
    toilet restroom
    shopping centre mall
    lift elevator
    petrol station gas station
    city centre downtown
    trousers pants
    mobile phone cell phone

    III. Повторение и семантизация лексических единиц
    First look
    Look at these words. All of them are about America and American lifestyles. Try to understand which of them deal with the following:
    Food & Meals Buildings & Constructions Towns & Cities Clothes & Accessories Money People

    cookies, restroom, cell phone, gas station, nuts, buck, pants, soda, French fries, patio, guys, taco, downtown, elevator, mall, freeway.
    You have some new words, they are in bold type. Try to guess what they mean.

    Let us see what the new words mean.
    Taco - a Mexican sandwich: you can have it crusty or soft
    Freeway - a toll-free highway (esp. in California)
    Nuts - crazy
    Patio - an area behind a house (or a restaurant) where you can sit and relax, have a barbecue or just talk with your friends

    IV. Автоматизация лексических единиц
    Lost in American English
    Well, you are lucky to know some essentials now. Can you help this British girl who can’t explain simple things to her American friends? Find British words in her cues and change them for their American equivalents.
    1. No, don’t lift me! I just need a lift to get upstairs.
    2. Excuse me, how can I get to the city centre? What? How did you know I’m British?
    3. Do you happen to know his mobile number? I mean his phone number?
    4. The Grove’s is the biggest shopping centre in L.A., isn’t it? Don’t laugh – we always say shopping centre in Britain. What’s so funny?
    5. Why are we taking this motorway? What? Is anything wrong with my pronunciation?
    6. I’ll take a tea and chocolate biscuits, if you don’t mind… chocolate biscuits?! What do they look like? Stupid question. Like biscuits, of course.
    7. All right! Where’s the nearest petrol station? …Sorry? What do you call it? … Oh, really?! Unbelievable!
    8. Excuse me, could you tell me where the toilet is? ... No, you didn’t get it. I am not going to take a bath. I need a toilet.
    9. Hullo, John! Mary speaking. Where are you? I thought we were supposed to meet on the ground floor. What do you mean there’s no ground floor in America?
    10. I told him to wear his best trousers and he didn’t know what to put on. He is so dumb.

    BrE AmE
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________
    ____________________ _____________________

    V. Семантизация и автоматизация лексических единиц
    Speak American
    Go back to the new words. Can you find an adjective that looks like a plural noun?
    Write it down: ______________
    This word is very popular in America. When you say it, you sound American. Here are some more adjectives you might hear quite often. Find the only word you can’t use for answers (it can be a noun, too).

    Should we meet at 10 tomorrow? It is OK? Cool I’ll be there.
    And then he kissed her. You know that romantic kind of kiss. Wasn’t it sweet?
    And with this flyer you’ll get a 50% discount plus a gift from our store. – Oh! Really! That’s neat! I’ll take the flyer then.
    Can you do that for me, please? – Sure. No sweat. I’ll do that tonight.
    I hate all this junk food: you know, all these hamburgers, fries, and stuff. They are all so bad for your health.

    What would you say if you hear the following phrases? Use the words above.
    1. A family member at the dinner table:
    - Could you pass me the salt, please?
    You: __________. Here you are.
    2. Your host dad in the morning:
    - Pack up! I'll give you a lift. You won’t be late for school and you’ll have time to buy a notebook before the classes start.
    You: That’s ______________. Thanks a lot.
    3. Your host mom:
    - We are going to the Browns for a pool party. They have a big pool and a Jacuzzi.
    You: ____________! I love swimming.
    4. A passer-by stops you, gives you your wallet and says:
    - Excuse me, I guess you dropped it just now? Is this yours?
    You: Oh! It must have fallen out of my pocket. How careless of me! Thank you very much. That’s so _______________.
    5. Your host family's neighbor:
    - Do you know why they always leave their Chevrolet outside? It’s not very safe, is it?
    You: Well, it’s certainly not. But the garage is full of_________. So there’s just no space for a car.

    VI. Закрепление изученного лексического материала
    Impress your American host family. Try to make an order in Taco Bell, a chain fast food restaurant. Use the hints below: the first (and sometimes the last) letters of the words are given. Go back to the list of words if you need help.
    Waiter: Hi, g...s. How are you doing?
    You: Great. Thanks. Now, can I have two chicken t...s with chili and tomatoes?
    Waiter: Okey-dokey. How about your drinks?
    You: I’ll take an extra large s... .
    Waiter: No problem. Here is your cup.
    You: That’s neat. Thanks.
    Waiter: Any desserts? We have ice cream, frozen yoghurts with and without c...s.
    You: A strawberry yoghurt. And hold the c…s.
    Waiter: That's $4.21, please.
    You: Oops, I have got 5 b... s only. Anyway, that’s enough. Here you are.
    Waiter: Thank you. Here is your change.
    You: Keep the change.
    Waiter: Thanks a lot. Here or to go?
    You: Sorry? I don’t quite understand.
    Waiter: Are you eating in or taking the food outside?
    You: Oh. I think we’ll sit in the p…
    Waiter: Sure. Here is your order. Enjoy your meal!

    VII. Заключительный этап урока. Домашнее задание
    Very good. You are the best. Now let us say what we have learnt today. Now you can mix with Americans and you can sound American, you can understand what they say. Your homework is as follows: read the letter the girl has written to her parents. But she used pretty lot of Americanisms. Her parents might not understand her. Find American words in her letter and change them into British ones.

    Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!
    Did I like staying with an American family? I think it was neat.
    I got very nice guys: both my host mom and my host dad.
    Every day they’d wake me up at seven and we’d make my bag lunch: you know cookies, sandwiches, sodas and that stuff. Then they’d take me to the teaching center.
    I liked taking a freeway, because you can drive faster there (so you can save on gas).
    The classes were fun. We would sit on the floor, play games, call the teacher by his first name. Our teacher’s name was Robert. Once he even took us to the nearest park where we could buy cookies, hot dogs and French fries. So we were all sitting on the grass, eating, talking about life and stuff like that. That was really cool!
    On the 4th of July we kept the Independence Day. My family made a salad and we went to the Browns, the family living next door. There were lots of other people but there was nothing to do. People were just going around, trying all the different food and talking with each other. Isn't that just boring? Anyway, I made friends with some American kids and we went to the downtown to the movies. We dropped into a mall on our way and got all the yummies: cookies, tacos, sodas. We finally ran out of money, but one of the guys had a visa card, so we got some cash from the nearest ATM. So when we got to the movies we also bought an extra large pop corn and lots of coke.
    Anyway, that was my best vacation ever. I got the best host family one can imagine. We appeared to share a lot of interests, so it was fun staying with them.

    ATM – a machine outside a bank that you use to get money from your account (cashpoint – BrE)
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